The Information Technology Department serves the Setmil Group through a series of Services that includes integrating of computer systems, coordinating and providing training, negotiating and managing information technology contracts, as well as extending technology assistance and support.

Services and Features of IT Department
  • The IT Department with the implementation of Virtualization operation system which is cloud based has facilitated and assisted the employees and user friendly efficient IT Environment.
  • This system is cost effective and vibrant thereby reducing the Hardware requirement drastically due to the unique operation system and technical specifications.
  • The Department ensures uninterrupted services to the Staff, Principals and Customers with 'ZERO' down time.
  • Cost effective telecommunication service to all Group Companies and Tenants with Fiber Optic Link provided by the Country's leading Telecommunication Service Provider.
  • Contributing expertise in Business Analysis & Business System Design
  • Consulting support services of Setmil Group and its principals.
  • Monitoring of the Disaster Recovery Management System.