Mr. Arjuna Hettiarachchi has led the Setmil Group of companies as Chairman & Chief Executive Officer since 1994. An ardent disciple of innovation, his distinctive mission and judicious leadership has resulted in the Setmil Group becoming the preferred purveyor of integrated transportation solutions in Sri Lanka.

A product of St. Thomas' College, this visionary entrepreneur started his career in 1981 as General Manager at Delmege Forsyth & Co. Ltd. Ever the street smart prodigy, his career soon accelerated to being appointed as a regional representative for Sea Consortium Pvt Ltd., Singapore, overseeing operations in Bangladesh, India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

His reputation and signature management style has earned him prominent virtue in the transportation industry. To that credit he holds the distinction of being appointed Advisory Council Member to Ceylon Association of Ships' Agents, Advisor on Policy Planning to the Minister of Ports & Shipping from 1994-1996, Chairman of the Sri Lanka Association of Vessel Operators from 1998-2000, and 2014/ 2015 Advisor on Port Development to Minister of Ports & Shipping in 2015.

An exceptional leader who leads by example, Mr. Hettiarachchi continues to adapt, evolve and challenge when required, with a collective goal in mind, advocating leadership through innovation and applying this ethos into the professional working culture of the Setmil Group.