Human Resource

Our group vision is that the real value of our company is found in its human and intellectual capital and not in its fixed assets. The strong 650 member staff of our team has proven beyond doubt that we can make things happen.

In the face of new global and internal challenges the development capabilities of our human capital has become increasingly important. The ability of our people to create, absorb, process and apply knowledge to maintain and generate new value has been the primary source of our competitive advantage.

To remain competitive in business we strongly believe in enhancing productivity and competition of our staff. We have identified that a pleasant and healthy working environment coupled with social and welfare activities are very important for our success. We have provided a good education and training infrastructure in place to be able to fully mobilise the skill and knowledge of our human power to continue taking up this challenge.

The operations and marketing teams have been highly customer oriented and are committed to offer value added service with a professional touch which has established the unique identity of the company in the market.

The company has generated a good governance policy, which has established accountability, transparency, predictability and participation. Our people have worked with dedication to register the prestigious ISO certifications to all companies of the Setmil Group from Lloyds Register of Quality Assurance Authority of United Kingdom.

Our 650 strong staff is managed centrally by our Group HR Division.

"People are our greatest asset and our Pride."